• Hello CloudToken Explorer!

    You're here, because you want to know the good, the bad and the ugly about the Cloudtoken project, so you can make an informed decision whether to participate or not.


    You're in the right place!


    This site is made by regular people like you, who prefer NOT to lose their money in shady scams, but who are ready to take a calculated risk sometimes. We have been participants of Cloudtoken since June 2019 - about a month after the project officially started. So far so good!

    There are hiccups every now and then, as is to be expected from a start-up and a new app, but everything always keeps getting solved. This project is much more transparent than any other similar one that came before, however that is of course no guarantee for its success.

    On this website as well as on our blogs (on Steemit and on Publish0x) we aim to inform you about the project and make you aware of the risks (they are high!). If you're an adventurous soul like us, we'd be happy if you join us, if not, then it's a wise decision not to participate.

    We are NOT Multi-Level-Marketers. While we do like referral commissions as much as the next person (and happily share our invite code here) we do not like deep, pyramid-shaped referral structures and cult-like sales communities full of cheers and complete disregard for the risks.

    We made this website and our blog, to serve people who are skeptics. We are in this for the passive income from the trading bot and we want to share our experiences with you. Should you decide to join Cloudtoken with our referral code and more than $500, please contact us through the form on the bottom of this page after you have joined, so we can personally support you.

    Your fellow sceptics,

  • What is Cloudtoken?

    A growing win-win-win eco-system based on the sharing economy, in which every participant benefits financially.


    Cloudtoken's first product is the Jarvis AI trading bot, through which you can earn daily passive income.


    Other products are planned, as well as many partnerships with merchants, including a Cloudtoken debit card to easily spend your profits at merchant partners.


    Cloudtoken also has an attractive referral system, which allows you to earn additional rewards besides the income just from the trading bot. (You do NOT need to refer people, in order to earn passive income, though. This is completely optional.)

  • Why do people participate in Cloudtoken?

    They are hoping to grow their wealth together.


    They are hoping for the CTO token price to go from $0.30 to $100 or higher.

    (Emphasis on hope. Do NOT ignore the risks!)

  • How?

    The daily dividends from the trading bot are paid out in CTO's (Cloud Tokens).


    When the project started in May 2019, the initial token price was $0.30. By mid July it was at $0.47.


    The CTO token doesn't have a high value yet, but is expected to rise higher and higher as the Cloudtoken ecosystem grows. Many people therefore join now at the very beginning, and try to earn as many tokens as possible while the price is still so low. The higher the price goes, the more their wealth will grow.

    Please note: Several other similar projects tried something similar before, but none of them survived in the long term. Cloudtoken has learnt from their mistakes and created a sustainable business model, but there are no guarantees that this will actually be achieved. Consider that before you join!

    Do NOT risk money you can't afford to lose.

  • Is Cloudtoken different from the others?

    At first glance yes, because they are a lot more transparent, and they have a great vision and roadmap on how to make the company profitable, besides just the earnings from the trading bots.


    You can follow Ronald Aai, the Chief Technology Officer on Facebook. He has shown us the trading bot, and the official company registration also has been publicly shared.


    Does that give us any guarantees?

    No. If their vision doesn't get realized and the main growth will only come from the recruitment of more and more participants, then it would be a Ponzi scheme and the reserve fund of the trading bot would get drained once too many people begin cashing out.


    If they do follow through on their roadmap, though, it's gonna be a pretty cool win-win-win system.

  • Activate it with Referral Code 0498241178

  • How the Cloudtoken Tradingbot Works - In a Nutshell

    Earn passive income from the Jarvis AI trading bot


    Make sure you only use this trusted site to download:



    Set up your wallet

    You will need a referral code to activate the app. Please use ours if you don't have one:


    Write down your mnemonic phrase and guard it with your life!


    Deposit cryptocurrency

    Deposit ETH, BTC, LTC or other cryptocurrencies of your choice to your new CloudToken wallet.

    Note: ETH is recommended most at the moment, since the fees of BTC are a lot higher.


    Fund the Jarvis AI trading bot

    Within the app, send the cryptocurrency you just deposited to the Jarvis trading bot (under "projects").


    Note: if you want to earn referral commissions, make sure you always have more than $500 in the trading bot. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, it can easily slip below $500, so it's best to put in more from the beginning.


    Sit back and earn

    About 24-48 hours later you'll receive your earnings in the form of CloudTokens. They will appear once a day in your wallet under "CTO".

    You can collect them there and wait for the price to rise, or you can exchange them to ETH or BTC and cash out or reinvest. Up to you.

  • Be Aware:

    This is a risky gamble.

    There can potentially be very high rewards, and you can potentially lose the money you put in. There are no guarantees. Really none.


    We believe in the current market it's best to hodl BTC, since altcoins are getting drained. Even better if we can earn "interest" on our BTC.


    That's why we decided to take the risk and test the Jarvis AI trading bot.

  • FAQ's

    This is just a very small selection of Q&A's. Please refer to our Blogs on Steemit and Publish0x,
    where we address questions in way more detail.

    How much does the Jarvis AI trading bot pay out?

    Between 6% - 12% per month.

    Our daily rewards so far have been around 0.25% since mid June 2019.

    Is there a minimum for the trading bot?


    1. The current minimum for passive income from the Jarvis AI tradingbot is:

    ETH: 0.01
    USDT: 200

    TUSD: 1

    BTC: 0.0001

    LTC: 0.001

    DOGE: 0.1

    BCH: 0.0001

    2. If you also want to benefit from referral commissions, the current minimum is a total value of $500. See below.

    Can I earn commission from referrals, even if I haven't funded the trading bot?

    No. In order to receive daily referral bonuses you must have a minimum of $500 in the Jarvis AI trading bot. It is advisable to put at least $600 in, though, due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Otherwise you will miss out on your referral bonus on days that the value slips below $500.


    Also, you will only receive commission if the people you referred also have more than $500 in the trading bot. We don't agree with this part, but it's the way it is. Basically, in order for the referrals to work, everybody should have more than $500 in the bot at all times. 

    How secure are my funds?

    Not very secure yet!! Be aware that there are two locations for your crypto: 1. the Cloudtoken wallet and 2. the Jarvis AI trading bot (which you access from within the wallet).

    1. Cloudtoken Wallet: The company is in the process of changing over to non-custodial wallets, meaning that YOU own the private keys. If you don't own the private keys, your funds are basically in the control of Cloudtoken, not in yours. Once you have the private keys, you will be in full control over them. So far, only the ETH wallet of the Android version comes with private keys.

    2. Jarvis AI trading bot: Even once you have the private keys for your wallet, as soon as you send them to the Jarvis AI trading bot, they are out of your control again. You are adding them to the pool of Cloudtoken, with which they trade and earn income for all participants. When you send funds to the bot, you are putting all your trust in Cloudtoken and you have to hope that they are honest and will do what they promised.


  • You'll need a referral code to install the app

    If you don't already have one from a friend, please use ours.


    Just copy it from the orange box below.

  • Support

    1. You can ask us questions on our Publish0x and Steemit blog posts anytime. 
    2. There are also several Facebook and Telegram groups you can join for general information. As mentioned, if you're too critical you may be kicked out there, though, or your posts get deleted. Make sure you pick a good "sponsor" (by using their referral code) who you can always ask questions. 
    3. In the future, you can reach the actual Cloudtoken Support directly in the app under "Feedback" (it's currently not working yet). Right now, you can contact them at tech.support @ cloudtokenwallet.com
    We may set up our own support group, should many people sign up with our referral code. If you used our code, feel free to send us your Cloudtoken Accountnumber (the one you use to log in) through the form below, so we can verify you're on our team and invite you to our group.

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